What is shod walking?

Shod walking is walking with shoes/footwear on your feet.

What is unshod walking?

Unshod walking is walking barefoot without shoes/footwear.

What is habitual barefoot walking?

Habitual barefoot walking is walking performed by individuals who have walked barefoot most of their lives.

What is Deliberate Walking?

Deliberate Walking is a method of walking that simulates habitual barefoot walking. 

How do I get started with Deliberate Walking?

How long does it take to experience benefits from Deliberate Walking?

Once you start Deliberate Walking consistently, you will notice fairly rapid improvement in your condition. The pay-offs typically begin to occur within 2-3 weeks of changing the way you walk or run. 

Can Deliberate Walking cause injury or pain?

Deliberate Walking can cause muscle soreness, but won't cause permanent injury. Muscle soreness can occur if you do too much Deliberate Walking, too quickly. You may experience muscles soreness in muscles you haven't used in years. Deliberate Walking uses more muscles with each step than heel-toe walking. Common areas of soreness include feet (intrinsic muscles), legs (calf muscles), and thighs (quadricep and hamstrings). We recommend a gradual transition from the way you currently walk to Deliberate Walking. 

The soreness will typically follow the Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS) time course. People experience soreness the day after activity, which may worsen from 24-48 hours, but then resolve within 72 hours. If this occurs, take a break from Deliberate Walking for a day or two, and then begin again when soreness is better. 

How long does it take for Deliberate Walking to become second nature?

Initially, you will need to think about Deliberate Walking a great deal to change the way you walk. 

In time, you will focus and concentrate on Deliberate Walking less. The need for mindfulness, however, will never completely go away as long as you continue to wear shoes. Since most of us are not going to stop wearing shoes, some degree of mindfulness will always be necessary when Deliberate Walking. 

Don't despair. Having to think about how you walk isn't a negative. There are many added benefits to mindfulness and paying attention to oneself. Mindfulness enhances well-being by positively impacting your mood/affect, emotions, and attitude.